‫ McAfee Threats Report: first quarter 2014


Date: 2014-06-30


The McAfee Labs has studied the security threats of the first quarter of 2014 in a report. The following report is briefing that report.

Mobile malware

In just one year, the total number of mobile malware samples has grown by 167%.


The march continues. In Q1 2014 the total malware sample count in the McAfee Labs “zoo” broke the 200 million sample barrier.


The number of new ransomware samples has dropped for three straight quarters. McAfee Labs has confirmed that the trend is not the result of an anomaly. We have several theories for why this is happening, but we haven’t pinpointed an exact cause. That has happened with many other types of malware.

New threats attacking the master boot record increased by 49% this period, reaching an all-time high for a single quarter.

Web threats

The McAfee Labs count of new suspect URLs set a three-month record with more than 18 million, a 19% increase over Q4 and the fourth straight quarterly increase.


Network threats


McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2014, By McAfee Labs


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