‫ McAfee Threats Report: Third Quarter 2013-1st Section

Date: 2013-12-19
The McAfee Labs has studied the security threats of the third quarter of 2013 in a report. The following report is briefing that report.
Mobile Threats
This quarter we saw one major mobile threat, Exploit/MasterKey.A, that affected many versions of Android. We also observed two-part malware, consisting of a Trojan app that downloads a second-stage malware to a device. Attackers have not forgotten about where the money is and have released a new banking Trojan.
General Malware Threats

Malware growth declined slightly this quarter, but that’s no comfort because this period’s 20 million new threats represent the second highest quarter we’ve recorded. We now have almost 172 million samples in our malware “zoo.”

Rootkits, or stealth malware, are designed to evade detection and reside on a system for prolonged periods. Growth in new rootkit samples had been on a downward trend since the middle of 2011, but this quarter rebounded, as we counted more than twice as many new samples as last quarter. (You’ll notice the total number of ZeroAccess files exceeds that of all new rootkits. That’s because ZeroAccess is a malware family that uses a rootkit, but not all ZeroAccess files are rootkits.)

AutoRun malware, which often hides on USB drives and can allow an attacker to take control of a system, doubled at the start of the year and remains high this quarter. The number of fake AV (malware) products—which scare victims into believing their systems are infected—has fallen from a record high of almost a million new samples in 2012 to 356,000 this quarter. Password-stealing Trojans, which attempt to raid victims’ bank accounts, fell by more than 20 percent, to fewer than 1.2 million new samples—still a very large number.


McAfee Threats Report: Third Quarter 2013, By McAfee Labs



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