‫ Symantec Intelligence Report: November 2011

ID: IRCRE201112085
Date: 2011-12-21
MessageLabs Intelligence Report and the Symantec provides the latest analysis of cyber security threats, trends and insights from the Symantec Intelligence team concerning malware, spam, and other potentially harmful business risks. The data used to compile the analysis for this combined report includes data from October and November 2011.
Spam Analysis

In November 2011, the global ratio of spam in email traffic fell by 3.7 percentage points since October to 70.5 percent.

As the global spam rate fell, Russia became the most spammed geography in November; with a spam rate of 76.7 percent and Saudi Arabia was the second most-spammed with 76.6 percent of email traffic blocked as spam. In the US, 69.9 percent of email was spam and 69.5 percent in Canada. The spam level in the UK was 69.5 percent.
Phishing Analysis

In November, the global phishing rate increased by 0.04 percentage points, taking the average to one in 302.0 emails (0.33 percent) that comprised some form of phishing attack.

South Africa once again became the country most targeted for phishing attacks in November, with one in 96.2 emails identified as phishing. The UK was the second most targeted country, with one in 167.0 emails identified as phishing attacks.
Phishing levels for the US were one in 461.8 and one in 242.4 for Canada. In Germany phishing levels were one in 426.2.
Analysis of Phishing Web sites
The number of phishing Web sites increased by 66.1 percent in November. The number of phishing Web sites created by automated toolkits increased four-fold. The majority of these related to attacks against a well-known social networking Web site, and accounted for approximately 78 percent of all toolkit-based attacks.
 Malware Analysis

The global ratio of email-borne viruses in email traffic was one in 255.8 emails (0.39 percent) in November, a decrease of 0.03 percentage points since October 2011.

In November, 40.2 percent of email-borne malware contained links to malicious Web sites, an increase of 20.1 percentage points since October 2011.
The UK remained at the top of the table with the highest ratio of malicious emails in November, with one in 149.4 emails identified as malicious. Switzerland had the second highest rate, with one in 185.6 emails identified as malicious.
In South Africa returned to the top-5 list this month with one in 222.5 emails blocked as malicious. Virus levels for email-borne malware in the US reached one in 360.1 and one in 219.9 in Canada.
The table below shows the most frequently blocked email-borne malware for Novembers. Approximately 40.8 percent of all email-borne malware was identified and blocked using generic detection.

The top ten list of most frequently blocked malware accounted for approximately 26.7% of all email-borne malware in November.


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