‫ Microsoft re-issues security patch after reports of bugs, crashes

Number: IRCNE2015112683

Date: 2015/11/15

According to “zdnet”, Microsoft has reissued a botched security patch that caused a number of issues for Outlook users.

A spokesperson said in an emailed statement that KB3097877 was re-released to "address the Outlook difficulties that some customers experienced."

"We recommend customers apply this update to help stay protected," the statement read.

But the software giant did not say exactly what the cause of the issues were, or why the faulty patch was initially released.

An updated Microsoft knowledge base article said Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 users were affected.

On Tuesday, a number of readers emailed to say that Outlook, the company's desktop client, crashed after Microsoft's most recent monthly release of security patches.

Some users also experienced other issues, such as black screens and other errors, which the knowledge base article also confirmed.


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