‫ Cisco networking gear can be hijacked, warns company


Number: IRCNE2015082602
Date: 2015/08/15
According to “zdnet”, Cisco has warned a number of its routers and switches can be hijacked. The networking giant said in an advisory that it has seen a "limited number" of cases where attackers will replace the device's firmware (known as "ROMMON").
Short for ROM Monitor, it allows the device's operating system to load. It allows administrators to run a number of configuration tasks.
A successful attack would allow a person to take over the device, but an attacker would need administrative or physical access to the device.
It's not clear how the attackers got the valid credentials in order to carry out this attack.
Cisco isn't calling the attack a "vulnerability" as such, and therefore hasn't been assigned a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) number.


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