‫ Dino malwasre 'had targets in Iran'


Number: IRCNE2015072558
Date: 2015/07/03
According to “itpro”, security firm ESET has uncovered a sophisticated Trojan that it claims targeted Iranian subjects during 2013.
Named Dino, the malware is thought to have been made by the so-called Animal Farm group, which also created the Trojans Bunny, Babar and Casper, and is rumoured to be an arm of the French intelligence service.
According to ESET, "Dino's main goal seems to be the exfiltration of files from its targets".
"Among its technical innovations, there is a custom file system to execute commands in a stealthy fashion, and a complex task-scheduling module working in a similar way to the 'cron' Unix command.
Calvet added that "the amount of shared code between Dino and known Animal Farm malware leaves very little doubt that Dino belongs to Amimal Farm's Arsenal.
ESET was able to say little on who Dino was designed to target, other than these targets were Iran in 2013, but as it is now in the wild, all systems may be at risk.


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