‫ Europol shuts down Ramnit botnet that infected 3.2m PCs

Number: IRCNE2015022436
Date: 2015/02/26
According to “itpro”, the long-running Ramnit botnet, which is thought to have infected 3.2 million Windows computers, has been shutdown, thanks to the combined efforts of Europol and the vendor community.
The botnet is thought to have been operational since at least 2010, and has previously been implicated in the theft of tens of thousands of Facebook logins and online banking details.
Its malware is reportedly spread by infecting executable files stored on PC hard drives with copies of itself, as its operators sought to build their botnet.
In a blog post by Symantec, published earlier today, the anti-virus vendor confirmed their collective work had resulted in a number of servers owned by the cyber criminals behind Ramnit being seized, along with other parts of their computing infrastructure.
The company has also released a tool, accessible here, for anyone concerned their PC may have been infected by Ramnit.


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