‫ Lizard Squad owns up to Xbox and Daybreak Games attacks

Date: 2015-02-18
According to “ITPro”, notorious hacking group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for taking down Xbox and Daybreak Games (previously Sony Online Entertainment) in a hack on Sunday night.
Users reported the services suffered an outage at around 5am UK time and although Microsoft managed to get Xbox back up and running, it was still suffering from some network problems yesterday morning.
Daybreak Games also revealed it was experiencing some server problems on some of its multiplayer games platforms via Twitter.
Lizard Squad said on Twitter during the outage: "Xbox (360) Live #‫offline," followed by "Haha 'Xbox' is trending worldwide. We're back :)" and explained it had teamed up with alternative hacker group Like No Other in the attacks.
A similar attack was carried out on Christmas Day, taking down the online gaming services of Xbox and Playstation, meaning those who had been gifted the consoles for Christmas were unable to use them. Two suspects have been arrested for those attacks, but not charged as yet.
In January, Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for a Facebook outage on social media in the same tone on as these most recent tweets, but Facebook responded by saying it had actually caused the problems itself and it had not been hacked.
At the end of January, the hunter became the hunted when Lizard Squad's database was leaked on the internet. In addition to the group hacking into other services, it also runs a rent-a-botnet service called Lizard Stresser and it was this service that was broken into. Although it revealed there were only a few hundred paying Lizard Stresser users, it has earned the group around $11,000 (£7,163) in bitcoins.


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