‫ High volume DDoS attacks rise in Q3 2014


Number: IRCNE2014112382
Date: 2014/11/18
According to “zdnet”, high volume DDoS spiked in use during Q3 2014, according to new research released by Verisign.
According to the Reston, Virginia-based firm's Q3 2014 DDoS Trends Report, through July to September this year there has been an increase in the frequency of DDoS attacks exceeding 10 Gbps in size, accounting for more than 20 percent of all mitigations conducted by the company.
Of these attacks, the largest was experienced by an online retailer, reaching 90Gbps in size. The cyberattack was aimed at disrupting the e-commerce capability of the victim.
"This highlights the need for more advanced DDoS protection capabilities other than the standard defenses of over-provisioning of bandwidth and on-premise mitigation devices, which are rendered ineffective the moment a DDoS attack exceeds an organization’s upstream bandwidth, or their Internet service provider’s capacity," Verisign says.
In addition, organizations unfortunate enough to be targeted are suffering an average of three separate attacks per customer, an increase of 60 percent quarter-on-quarter. This may be attributable to easier access to ready-made DDoS botnets and toolkits and the continual evolution and sophistication of cyberattacks -- a trend expected to continue.
The most frequently targeted organizations during the third quarter hailed from the media and entertainment industries, representing more than 50 percent of all mitigation activity, while the largest and most resource-heavy attacks were aimed at e-commerce establishments.


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