‫ Microsoft beefs up security, privacy of online services

Number: IRCNE2014072235
Date: 2014-07-02

According to “zdnet”, Microsoft has announced several improvements to the encryption used in their online services.

Both Outlook.com and OneDrive have enabled Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), an encryption technique by which parties use a different encryption key for every connection, making it more difficult for attackers to decrypt connections. Google has been the leader in PFS, having enabled it for many of their services since 2011.

Outlook.com is also making more extensive use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) when communicating with other mail systems. Both when sending and receiving mail, Outlook.com will use TLS if the other server supports it. .

The company also announced their first "Transparency Center," this one in Redmond, WA. At these centers participating governments can analyze Microsoft source code to confirm that there are no "back doors" by which other parties could monitor communications.


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