‫ Juniper announces Firefly Suite for virtual-machine security

ID: IRCNE2014012080
Date: 2014-01-18
According to “TechWorld”, Juniper Networks has announced its Firefly Suite for virtual-machine security, a set of software-based products for VMware and KVM that contain the security and switching capabilities found in Juniper's SRX Series Services Gateway, as well as Junos Space Virtual Director.
The suite includes Firefly Perimeter, which depending on a data center's topology, could be used for segmentation in lieu of a physical firewall or in conjunction with it, says Tamir Hardof, Juniper senior director, product marketing security.
"It can be seen as supporting growth that you have for physical firewalls or as a replacement for physical firewalls," Hardof says. The Firefly Suite also includes Firefly Host (formerly called vGW Virtual Gateway) that acts as a stateful firewall between virtual machines, also providing intrusion-detection, VM-specific antivirus protection, among other security features. Hardof acknowledges that Firefly Host does compete in some basic ways with VMware's NSX technology.
The Firefly Perimeter virtual-machine software supports an estimated 4Gbps throughput, while the Firefly Host supports about 30Gbps, according to Hardof. Firefly Host, which is tightly integrated into the VMware hypervisor and management framework, is available now, while Firefly Perimeter, which is designed to be integrated with Juniper's SDN controller Contrail, is expected to ship around March.


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