‫ PHP Group to reset user passwords, change SSL certificate for php.net

ID: IRCNE2013101998
Date: 2013-10-27
According to "computerworld", the PHP Group will reset the passwords for accounts on php.net, the official website of the PHP programming language, and will change the site's SSL certificate after attackers compromised two servers and injected malicious code into the website.
The security breach was confirmed Thursday after earlier in the day the Google Safe Browsing service blacklisted the site for distributing malware ,which caused Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to block users from visiting it.
The PHP Group initially thought the warnings were the result of a false positive detection, but a more thorough investigation revealed that attackers managed to inject malicious JavaScript code into one of the site's files called userprefs.js. That code executed exploits from a third-party website that, if successful, installed a piece of malware on visitors' computers.
The PHP Group's investigation, which is still in progress, revealed that the compromise extended to two servers: the server that hosted the www.php.net, static.php.net and git.php.net domains and the server that hosted bugs.php.net, the project's bug tracking system.
There is no evidence that the PHP distribution packages or the Git repository used for source code management have been compromised.
Php.net users who contribute to different projects hosted on svn.php.net or git.php.net will have their passwords reset, the PHP Group said.
In addition, the SSL certificate used on several php.net websites has been revoked, because it's possible that attackers might have gained access to the certificate's private key.
"We are in the process of getting a new certificate, and expect to restore access to php.net sites that require SSL (including bugs.php.net and wiki.php.net) in the next few hours," the PHP Group said.
Users who visited the affected php.net websites between Oct. 22 and Oct. 24 should scan their computers for malware.
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