‫ Malwarebytes launches anti-virus Android app

ID: IRCNE2013101986
Date: 2013-10-19
According to “ZDNet”, Malwarebytes has launched its Anti-Malware Mobile application to protect mobile devices from the same threats that plague us through email and our PCs.
The anti-virus software maker announced on Tuesday that after months of testing, Malwarebytes developers have built an Android-based application that links up to the company's database and both scans & protects your smartphone or tablet.
Following the lead of other anti-virus software firms including Avast and AVG, the free app offers protection against threats including threats installed via phishing emails, malicious applications accidentally downloaded, and malware including backdoors and trojans.
The app is equipped with an anti-virus scanner, database updates and other features including a privacy manager which lets you know which applications are "violating your privacy" in ways including tracking your physical location or if an app is employing premium services without your consent. When you open emails on your mobile device, the app also automatically scans files for malware and spyware.
According to Trend Micro, there are over one million malicious applications currently available for download in the Android ecosphere, as hackers seek to cash-in on mobile devices. Threats include premium service abusers, advertisement pushers, and malicious apps that mimic popular, legitimate versions in order to steal data or financial information.
The app can be downloaded on Google Play.


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