‫ McAfee: Hackers increasingly targeting Android devices

Number: IRCNE2013061863

Date: 2013/06/05
According to “zdnet”, cyber criminals are targeting everything from social networking sites to desktop machines, mobile devices and in some rare cases, medical equipment.
According to the latest McAfee Threat Report, which covers the first quarter of 2013, malware on the Google developed mobile platform surged by more than 30 percent in the first three months of the year.
Overall, there are just shy of 51,000 new malicious attacks in McAfee's database of mobile malware samples for the first month. But, this is down slightly from the last three months of 2012.
Android takes the largest slice of the mobile malware by platform pie. Symbian was next with low single-digits percent, followed by Java, which by now is almost non-existent. Other platforms, such as BlackBerry and iOS, didn't even register.
McAfee said the threats of Android-based mobile commercial spyware and adware was declining, with many spyware and targeted attacks becoming more prominent.
Also in the report, PCs remain the most targeted vector for hackers and attacks. Social networks are also being targeted, such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to trick friends and associates into installing malicious code.


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