‫ Chrome 27 fixes 14 flaws and enables spoken conversations with Google

ID: IRCNE2013051855
Date: 2013-05-25
According to "computerworld", Google today upgraded Chrome to version 27, touting it as 5% faster as it patched 13 vulnerabilities.
The speed improvement was meager, according to Google, which cited a 5% speed increase overall, with even smaller boosts for tasks like printing.
Chrome 27 also patched 13 vulnerabilities, 10 of them labeled "high," the company's second-most-serious threat rating, two as "medium," and one as "low." The majority were "use-after-free" flaws -- a type of memory allocation vulnerability -- discovered by the Google-built AddressSanitizer fuzzing tool, which the company's security team has used to sniff out bugs in other browsers, including Apple's Safari and Mozilla's Firefox.
Chrome 27 also featured a non-security update of Adobe Flash, which Google bundles with its browser. The Flash fix addressed a problem maintaining connections with audio streams that affected only Macs.
Users can download Chrome 27 from Google's website. Active users can simply let the automatic updater retrieve the new edition.
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