‫ Skype bug sends messages to random contacts, fix coming soon

ID: IRCNE2012071557
Date: 2012-07-17
According to "zdnet", over on Skype's Support Network, a handful of users started to complain about an odd occurrence in a thread titled "Skype text messages I received have gone to another contact."
Five other individuals of the Microsoft-owned program confirmed they were also seeing instant messages being sent to the wrong person from their contact list. Sometimes it's just a few messages, while other times it's a whole conversation.
So Skype began to look into the issue. "Thanks for your reports and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this," a Skype spokesperson said in a statement. "We are currently investigating and hope to provide a solution for this soon."
"We are rolling out a fix for this issue in the next few days and will notify our users to download an updated version of Skype", a Skype spokesperson told Engadget.
Since this appears to be related to a June 2012 update to Skype, it may be that all those on older versions are unaffected. Still, it's unclear how many users are experiencing this or how many incorrect instant messages have been sent. After all, five out of the six users who complained about it on the forums signed up just to confirm they were having problems.


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