‫ Chrome 20 fixes 20 security vulnerabilities

ID: IRCNE2012061538
Date: 2012-06-30
According to "zdnet", In its latest browser release, 20.0.1132.43, Google’s Chrome fixes 20 security vulnerabilities, none of which are critical.
More details on the vulnerabilities:
•CVE-2012-2815: Leak of iframe fragment id
•CVE-2012-2816: Prevent sandboxed processes interfering with each other
•CVE-2012-2817: Use-after-free in table section handling
•CVE-2012-2818: Use-after-free in counter layout
•CVE-2012-2819: Crash in texture handling
•CVE-2012-2820: Out-of-bounds read in SVG filter handling
•CVE-2012-2821: Autofill display problem
•CVE-2012-2822: Misc. lower severity OOB read issues in PDF
•CVE-2012-2823: Use-after-free in SVG resource handling
•CVE-2012-2824: Use-after-free in SVG painting
•CVE-2012-2826: Out-of-bounds read in texture conversion
•CVE-2012-2827: Use-after-free in Mac UI
•CVE-2012-2828: Integer overflows in PDF
•CVE-2012-2829: Use-after-free in first-letter handling
•CVE-2012-2830: Wild pointer in array value setting
•CVE-2012-2764: Unqualified load of metro DLL
•CVE-2012-2831: Use-after-free in SVG reference handling
•CVE-2012-2832: Uninitialized pointer in PDF image codec
•CVE-2012-2833: Buffer overflow in PDF JS API
•CVE-2012-2834: Integer overflow in Matroska container
Users are advised to restart their browsers in order to update to the latest version of Chrome. They can also do so manually, by selecting the “About Google Chrome” option in the settings menu.


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