‫ Malware tricks Facebook users into exposing credit cards

ID: IRCNE2012041454
Date: 2012-04-04
According to "zdnet", a new variant of the Ice IX malware tricks Facebook users into exposing their credit card, debit card, and/or social security numbers. The malware does this by displaying a separate Web form inside a browser pop-up window, which looks similar to Facebook’s design, when you navigate to the social network’s login webpage. One of the version of this malware ask for the following: Cardholder name, Credit or debit card number, Expiry date, Card identification number, and Address on your monthly statement.
The attackers claim the information is needed to verify the victim’s identity and provide additional security for their Facebook account. In other words, if you don’t want to hand over your credit card or debit card, you won’t be able to continue to your Facebook account.
Facebook will never ask for your credit card number, debit card number, social security number, or any other sensitive information on the site or via e-mail.


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