Summary of Symantec Intelligence Report: May 2015

Number: IRCRE201507200
Date: 2015-07-30
In this month’s report we take a look at what has happened in a number of key sections of the threat landscape. We delve deeper into the world of vulnerability, data breaches, spam, and malware, detailing what has happened so far in 2015 and bringing us up to speed through the month of May.
Targeted Attacks
The average number of spearphishing attacks per day continued to decline in May, down to 15 attacks per day. While executable files, such as .bin, .exe, and .scr files, are frequently seen, this category of file types is down from 32.9 percent in April to eight percent in May.
The overall phishing rate has increased slightly for the second month in a row, where one in 1,865 emails was a phishing attempt.

The number of vulnerabilities reported in May declined for the second month in a row, down to 456 vulnerabilities reported during the month.
There was a one zero-day vulnerability discovered in May, the Hypervisor Floppy Emulator Vulnerability.
There were more than 44.5 million new pieces of malware created in May, up from 29.2 million created in April.
The proportion of email traffic containing malware increased again this month, up from one in 246 emails in April to one in 207 emails in May.
Mobile & Social Media
In May there were two new mobile malware families discovered.
There was an average of 39 Android malware variants per family in the month of in May.
Spam & Botnets
The overall email spam rate further declined in May, dropping 0.6 percentage points to 51.5 percent.
The Kelihos botnet was the most active spamming botnet in the month of May, making of 19.7 percent of all bot-related spam traffic.

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