‫ McAfee Threats Report: third quarter 2014


Number: IRCRE20150186
Date: 2015-02-03
The McAfee Labs has studied the security threats of the third quarter of 2014 in a report. The following report is briefing that report.
Mobile malware
The total number of mobile malware samples exceeded 5million in Q3 2014, growing by 16% in this quarter and 112% in the past year.
There are over 307 new threats every minutes, or more than 5 every second.
After four quarters, the number of new ransomware samples has stopped dropping. We’re perplexed by the drop but not surprised that the number is now growing again.
New rootkits dropped by 65% in Q3, reflecting this form of malware’s volatility.
Web threats
The number of new suspect URLs skyrocketed this quarter. Some of that growth can be attributed to a doubling in the number of new short URLs, which often hide malicious websites, and a sharp increase in phishing URLs.
Starting this quarter we offer a count of new spam URLs around the world. The number of new URLs in Q3 declined slightly compared with Q2. The big jump occurred in Q4 last year, as we improved our data harvester.
Messaging and network threats
The 148% increase this quarter in legitimate email is due to improvements in how we gather data. The figure is not directly comparable to past quarters, but in the future we’ll have a more accurate historical measure of mail volume. Meanwhile, spam volume has increased by 40%. 
The top three threat types this quarter account for 78% of all threats. SSL attacks jumped to 8% in Q3, up 5% from Q2. This increase is likely related to the on-going massive outbreak of Heartbleed.
McAfee Threats Report: Third Quarter 2014, By McAfee Labs


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