‫ Summary of Symantec Intelligence Report: November 2014


Number: IRCRE201501185
Date: 2015-01-27
In this month’s report we take a look at what has happened in a number of key sections of the threat landscape. We delve deeper into the world of vulnerability, data breaches, spam, and malware, detailing what has happened so far in 2014 and bringing us up to speed through the month of November.
Targeted Attacks
The average number of spear-phishing attacks dropped to 43 per day in November, down from 45 in October.The .doc file type was the most common attachment type used in spear-phishing attacks. The .exe file type came in second.Organizations with 2500+employees were the most likely to be targeted in November.
Data Breach
The two largest data breaches reported to have occurred in November resulted in the exposure of 3.6 million and 2.7 million identities each.
Hackers have been responsible for 57 percent of data breach­es in the last 12 months.
Real names, government ID numbers, such as Social Security numbers, and home addresses were the top three types of data exposed in data breaches.
Top-Ten Malware
W32.Ramnit variants continue to dominate the top-ten malware list.
The most common OSX threat seen on OSX was OSX.Flashback.K, making up 15.7 percent of all OSX malware found on OSX Endpoints.
Overall ransomware activity has remained low since March of this year. However, crypto-style ransomware continues to make up a larger percent­age of ransomware, comprising 38 percent in November.
Kelihos and Gamut are the two most commonly encountered botnets, making up 19.2 and 18.8 percent of botnet traffic respectively.
Top-Ten Mac OSX Malware Blocked on OSX Endpoints
Top-Ten Botnets
There were 457 vulner­abilities disclosed during the month of November. Internet Explorer has reported the most brows­er vulnerabilities in the last 12 months. Oracle’s Java reported the most plug-in vulner­abilities over the same time period.
There were eight Android malware families discov­ered in November. Of the threats discovered in the last 12 months, 26 percent are tradi­tional threats, such as back door Trojans and downloaders.
In terms of social networking scams, 29 percent were fake offer­ings.

Phishing and SPAM
The phishing rate rose in November, at one in 647 emails, up from one in 1,610 emails in October. The global spam rate was 54.6 percent for the month of November.
One out of every 246 emails contained a virus. Of the email traffic in the month of November, 41.3 percent contained a mali­cious URL.


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