‫ Roles and responsibilities

  • Cooperation with the national security organizations in order to assure the security of cyberspace and combat with cyber crimes specifically
  • Coordinating CSIRT teams within the ministry of ICT
  • Interacting with other teams
  • Exchanging experiences and analyzing incident responses
  • Exchanging statistics and analysis of incidents
  • Cooperating in continuous security assessment of cyberspace
  • Transferring knowledge by holding training courses
  • Periodic security assessment of member institutions
  • Offering services in three levels: reactive services, preventive services ,assessing and auditing services
  • Collaborating with other CSIRT groups in the ministry, regional and international zones
  • Holding seminars and conferences in order to achieve the CSIRT's goals 
  • Presenting short-term and mid-term training courses to achieve the CSIRT goals
  • Sending experts in order to exchange knowledge in the regional and international areas if needed
  • Identifying and communicating with teams involved in producing, developing and improving CERT/CC
  • Producing, updating and maintaining CERT/CC Portal in order to promote the public knowledge of security
  • Gathering, analyzing, assessing and storing incident information in order to prevent future incidents
  • Encouraging the related private and public sectors in order to register in CERTCC and providing secure communication services for the use of members and other users to access security information
  • Formulating legislations and instructions to define communication methods between CSIRT teams
  • Studying patterns and standards to identify the best methods of developing the CSIRT teams
  • Evaluation and assessment of CSIRT teams in the ministry of ICT in order to optimize the teams’ activities
  • Collaborating with active teams to determine the roles and responsibilities of their sub-centers 
  • Cooperating in developing the organized CSIRT activities in the ministry of ICT
  • Cooperating with relevant authorities to make and approve affective legislations, regulations and policies which affect the development of all CSIRT teams


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