‫ Goals and mission

The internet has immensely changed the pace of lives, even much more than industrial revolution. Cyberspace Security is the most important issue in the Internet, because numerous incidents are taking place every moment. Thus, according to the importance of incident handling and organizing Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) in several countries around the Persian Gulf, it seemed essential to develop a similar center in our country. Therefore, establishment of a CSIRT center came into the agenda by Ministry of ICT. So, MAHER center was founded in order to handle and response the cyberspace incidents.
  • Governmental sector:

All of the organizations and governmental companies that work in the subset of Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Private  sector:
All of the companies that are authorized for their activities by Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
  • Public sector :
All users may use the website information
  • Create a single point in the Ministry of ICT to coordinate cyberspace incident handling activities
  • Policy making, development and optimizing the methods of developing CSIRT teams
  • Survey the security potentials in the country cyberspace and actualize them.
  • Helping to create CSIRT teams in subsidiary organizations, companies and centers of ICT ministry in the first stage, and then helping to create them in other companies as well.
  • Facilitate communication between groups and related organizations in order to share information related to the sanity of cyberspace
  • Developing secure communication mechanisms for safe communication among all of teams
  • Becoming a member of Asian and international CSIRT teams and creating international interactions


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